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Extended warehouse management

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I am new to Extended warehouse management.I am looking for scenarios in EWM. I checked the building block for scm. But cudn find any scenario.Can anybody pls help me out by ex. scenarios or links for the same.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jak,

Try working on first simple process . Few process to work on is :

Inbound process

Outbound process

Once you have carried out the basis process to understand the concept of warehouse request, warehouse task , warehouse order and there functionality in both inbound and out bound process than try working on scenarios like :

Wave Management



But before working on any of these process make sure to intergrate your system (ERP 5.0 or ERP 6.0 and SCM 5.0).

Check the intergation model to see successful transaltion of Master data through CIF and transactional data through qRFC.

Go to the below link to have conceptual knowledge of EWM:

Hope this information is helpful.



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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Below are the major areas in EWM


1 Unloading Process

2 Putaway Bin Determination

3 Slotting

4 Tracking of ASN

5 Deconsolidation Functionality

6 ERP Integration

7 Cross Docking - Inbound

8 Activity areas

9 Work Centers

10 Handling Units

11 Inbound Exceptions

12 Warehouse Order Creation rules ( Inbound, Outbound & Internal )


1 Picking

2 Pick path Determination

3 Packing

4 Activity areas

5 Work Centers

6 Handling Units

7 Loading

8 ERP Integration

9 Cross Docking - Outbound

10 Outbound Exceptions

11 Route Guide Engine - Route Determination

12 Wave Management

13 APO / CRM Integration

14 PGI - Post Goods Issue

Internal ( Adhoc )

1 Bin Replenishment

2 Bin Determination

3 Rearrangement

4 Physical Inventory

5 Cycle Counting

6 Continous Inventory counting

7 Internal Exceptions

8 Yard Management

9 Kitting

RF Framework

1 RF Configuration

2 RF Enhancements and Coding

3 Screen Manager

4 Menu Manager

Warehouse Monitor

1 Inbound

2 Outbound

3 Resource Management

4 Yard Management

5 Physical Inventory

6 Internal Movemnets

Post Processing Framework Tool ( PPF )

1 Outbound

2 Internal

3 Inbound

4 Printer Determination

Quality Management

1 QIE - Quality Inspection Engine

2 Inspection Lots

You get more info from the above link.



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Hi Jak

EWM being a relatively newer product, you will not find Building blocks, or best practice docs for the same. Most of the knowledge is still in silos in different places and the best way is to use such forums and to resolve your issues.

Shalili's suggestion is great as a starting point.



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Path: Technical Info --> Building Blocks --> Country: India

Here, you can get the topic on Warehouse Management.


Rajesh Banka

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thanx rajesh, but i am looking for EWM in scm 5.0. Can you tell me the Configuration guide number in specific.



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Check this link for EWM pdf document.

Hope it is useful.