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Explain JOBS - SM36

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Hi Friends

Kinldy explain me JOBS - and when do we use JOB , on which scenario we use it, what are the uses and advantages of job

approach it step by step.

Reward with points.Thanks in Advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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SM36 is the tc for batch job and a batch job is used when u want to perform certain functions in the back ground or even in the off line

Suppose if you want to create deliveries for a large no of sales orders and simulatanously prepare billing process , you willl go for batch jobs

like you can find many processes which will use batchjobs

t codes are sm36 37 38

with sm37 u can find if there are any interrruptions in the processing of batch job

hope it will be helpful to you

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