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Hallo SAP Gurus,

I am trying by myself a scenario in which i want to operate a discount (Sales Promotion) only at the end of the year; and more once this discount has been done on the Net value there is no way to allow another discount.

Indeed what i did as some Gurus told me was to define the period in which it should done. I am right with that. Now are my questions: where should i exclude the other discount? i supposed it is possible in the condition record but where? should i enter all the other existing discounts in VK11 and hit on this exclusion button?

Thanks in advance

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<b>Condition exclusion</b>: It is a provision by way of which you can control the discounts to be passed on to the customer in case if there are more than 1 discount type. Suppose you have 3 different condition types for discounts. you may not want to pass on all the discounts to the customer. This you can do through condition exclusion.

<b>Condition exclusion procedure:</b>

<b>1. OV31</b> - Define condition exclusion group.

<b>2. OV32</b> - Assign the various discount condition types to the group created in step no.1. Only select the discounts which are required by you. Suppose you have 3 discount types - a, b, & c. You want to do exclusion for a & b only. So do not select c here in this step.

<b>3. VOK8</b> - Here you select your pricing procedure, double click on exclusion. ere click on new entries, select the condition exclusion procedure like best condition between condition types; lease condition between condition types; best condition between 2 exclusion groups; best record within a condition type.

Save it.

<b>4. When you create</b> the sales order in VA01, the system will automatically exclude the condition type not wanted.

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Allabaqsh G. Patil