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Exclude Stock Transport Order


Hi Team,

I am wondering if someone will be in a position to support for the below business requirement.


1. There are multiple plants i.e. 1003, 1002, 1006

2. Requirement triggers from 1003 leading to Stock Transport Order (STO) on 1002 and subsequent STO on 1006, where Purchase Order is generated & received.

3. Lead time to deliver goods from 1006 to 1003 is quite high

4. When availability check is processed, the system confirms stock is available, but it is still in transit & delivery depends upon numerous factors out of anyone control


For realistic planning, can we exclude STO's from the availability check?

Can configuration setting below OPJJ i.e. for checkbox 'Incl. rel order reqs = Blank' address this problem? As of now this is populated as 'X'

I will look forward to your guidance.

Thanks in advance.


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