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Exclude PR doc types from Handover Purchase Requisition

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Hi Team,

We trigger Standard, Sub-Contracting and Stock Transfer purchase requisitions from MRP today using NB PR doc type. All these PRs go through the handover purchase requisition app as per the OPPR config and we are using only one MRP group which is assigned to all the materials. OPPR config provides option to select PR doc type for standard PR, Sub-Contracting PR and Stock Transfer PR for the combination of Plant and MRP group. Today, we have not maintained specific PR doc types in the OPPR config and the "PR Handover" is activated at Plant and MRP group level.

Now, we have a requirement to skip the purchase requisition handover for stock transfer purchase requisitions.

One possible solution is to create a new MRP group and assign it to stock transfer materials and do not activate "PR handover" for this MRP group.

Is it possible to exclude PR handover for specific doc types using the OPPR config only?

Did anyone encounter this situation?



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