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Exclude liability category 100 from credit exposure FSCM

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Hi Team,

Our business team would like to exclude only the Credit open orders from the credit exposure.
Is there a standard approach to exclude the credit open orders from credit exposure.

Also, what all the implications if we avoid the open orders from credit exposure.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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To exclude open orders from the credit exposure you have different options.

(1) You could change the update group of the credit control area/credit segment to 15. This impacts specific credit segments.
Update group 15 = Open delivery and billing document value
FSCM: delivery updates to 400 -> after billing value to 500 -> after accounting doc. value to 200
Order-related billing scenario is an exception, that would be updated to category 100.

(2) You could change the liability category 100 (Open orders) to statistical. This impacts every BP/credit segment on the system.
You can maintain the liability categories under the following IMG path:
SPRO > FSCM > CM > Credit Risk Monitoring > Credit Exposure Update > Define Liability Categories

"Relevance for Calculation of Credit Limit Utilization" setting:
•Statistical credit limit exposure
Credit exposure categories with this value are for information purposes, and are not included.

(3) You could write a custom logic in BAdI UKM_FILL (FILL_FIELDS method) to decide which credit values to send to the credit exposure. This can be completely flexible, you would define the conditions when not to send credit values. You would need to implement and test this solution. There is sample code for this BAdI that you could check as help.

If you don't update the credit exposure of open orders then these documents won't be considered in the credit limit utilization for credit limit checks. However, even if a sales order is not updating to the exposure the credit check can be executed on order level. That depends on the configuration in transaction OVAK and OVA8.

See KBA 2501945 - How credit value is calculated and moved across credit exposure categories

Best regards,

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