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Excise Register In XL Reporter

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Hi Guru's,

When am trying to generate a report for RG23A-PART - I RG23A-PART - II RG23C-PART - I RG23C-PART - II in XL Reporter it will not display any values from B1.

But In my B1 i alredy posted too many purchase order and sale order for excisable Item.

and i also assigned the Chapter ID for the corresponding Item.

So,How can i check it where can i fetch the data in B1.

Plz Guide me am new to B1.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Plz Give me the link I will download and reinstall it and try out..

let you kow the status

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Try the following link:



SAP Business One Products -> Updates for SAP Business One -> SAP Business One 2005-> SAP Business One 2005B -> B1 ADD-ON - XL REPORTER 05SP1 -> Win 32 -> Downloads Tab

Download 'B12005XLREPORTR01P_30-20001703.ZIP' file

Answers (8)

Answers (8)

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Thank U Sridharan problem solved

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In Xl Reporter when am right click on RG23A PartI->Generate report, It shows following error

An error occured wile executing these report!

Details:error in expansion


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I feel there is a problem with the XL Reporter Version. Please download the latest version on XL reporter and try the report.

I tried the same report with XL Reporter Version and it worked.

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Thank U Sridharan.

I check it out excise register numbering,

In it contains folloeing vales

Excise register First No Next No

RG23A Part I 1 30

RG23A Part II 1 3

RG23C Part I 1 1

RG23C Part II 1 1

when am trying to change the Next No values for RG23C Part I,RG23C Part II it doesn't shows only first no and last no are display ineditable mode.

When am checking Outgoing excise invoice and Incoming excise invoice it displays values only on RG23A PartI.

So,Atleast in xl reporter it should displays the vales for RG23A PartI, But it will not display any data.

what will be the problem.

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See Mr.wilma wang i dont have any issues on importing Standard template.

I already imported everything and its succesfully imported.

No issues on importing template.

am talking about generating the report.

try to understand.



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Open 'Administration -> Setup -> Financials -> Tax -> Excise Register Numbering' Window.

Check if the Next No Displays value greater than 1.

These numbers are updated by the System automatically on the following documents:

Incoming Excise Invoice

Outgoing Excise Invoice

Inventory - Goods Issue

Inventory - Goods Receipt

Enable 'Form Settings' in these documents to view these numbers.

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Thank U Gordon.

I already refered this thread and completed all these process,

1. Some of Items in Item Master are marked as 'Excisable'. (Item Master -> General Tab -> You can find 'Excisable' Check Box at the RIght Bottom.

2. Check of 'Material Type' and 'Chapter ID' are mentioned for the items that are marked 'Excisable'

3. Check if you have values in the 'Adminstation -> Setup -> Financials -> Tax -> Excise Register Numbering'. See if there are values in 'First No', 'Next No' columns.

4. Check if you had done some Purchase or Sales or Inventory transactions for the Items that are marked 'Excisable'

Even though the data's not coming in xl reporter.

Is there any way to check the Excise data available in SAP B1.

Tell me the corresponding tables.

Thanks in Advance,


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Hello Guru,

SAP has the following reports :










Specifically for Indian localisation. These files are located in the

following folder ;

Packages\Country-Specific Content\India"

Which is present in the installation CD or the packages that can be

downloaded from the SMP.

To import them into the XLreporter, please start the xl reporter and

then import them from the Xlreporter menu.


Wilma Wang

SAP Business One Forums Team

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Hi Vijay,

Please check this thread for more info: