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Excise invoice

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Dear all,

I am very much new to MM CIN. When a raw material start from vendor place it carries excise invoice. This is captured at our gate. What happens next? When we send RFQ to vendors, did we mention excise conditions in it? if yes. how?AT prsent we have just added a simple pricing procedure like gross-price-discount=net price for purchasing documents.So where does excise related condition are given?

In which purchasing document or step, excise details are required like pr , po ,migo etc.?

Pls. help


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While sending RFQ there is no neccesity to maintain excise conditions.

The vendor will specify what will be the ED.The ecs & secs is fixed by the GOI.If u are purchsing within state then VAT is

applicable,if purchased outside the state then CST is applicable.

The excise related conditions is to be created in OBQ1.

Then in OBQ3 u have to select the TAXINN or TAXINJ procedure.

In FTXP u have create the tax code.

Then in FV11 u have to create the condition records for the condition type created in OBQ1 selecting plant/vendor/material


Then when u create the PO & enter the tax code u can see the excise values being calculated.For this u have to click on invoice tab in item details & enter the tax code.

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Hello Rohit,

1) These excise related conditions can be maintained in tax codes. which will be maintained in purchase orders.

2) If you want to know the detailed process in SAP CIN, then you can find innumerable documents in so many related sites.

One such source, in which you can know the process>SAP ERP>SAP ERP Central Component-->Documentation for SAP ERP


This will take you to SAP Library(ECC 6.0)...Here go to ....SAP ERP Central Component>Logistics>Country Versions>Asia-Pacific>India-->Materials Management (MM)

Hope the above information will be more than enough.