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Exchange Rate file format RFTBFF00

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Hi all

i have been trying to upload exchange rates via RFTBFF00 and have not been successful with the file format. The documentation for program RFTBFF00 lists the file input format, however, it does not specify the type of file allowed and clearly expalin whether to fill spaces etc.

I have been using a csv file type and tested a variety of methods of both filling blank spaces for empty fields and empty spaces or leaving blanks altogether for non required fields and no method has worked.

Does anyone have an example of a file i could use to test the upload?

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Please use the below tab delemeted sample file format.. Hope this helps.

01AED USD M 110120062200060.27227 1 1

01ARS USD M 110120062200060.32787 AED 1 1

01AUD USD M 110120062200060.75490 ARS 1 1

01BGN USD M 110120062200060.62016 AUD 1 1

01BOB USD M 110120062200060.12579 BGN 1 1

01BRL USD M 110120062200060.43883 BOB 1 1

01CAD USD M 110120062200060.86304 BRL 1 1

01CHF USD M 110120062200060.78401 CAD 1 1

01CLP USD M 110120062200060.00191 CHF 1 1

01CNY USD M 110120062200060.12398 CLP 1 1

01COP USD M 110120062200060.00044 CNY 1 1

01CRC USD M 110120062200060.00201 COP 1 1