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Event Executing Itself Multiple Times

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Hello Experts,

I have created a validation in the Sales Order Form for checking the Item Gross Profit greater than 0 .

When user press tab from the UnitPrice column this checking is done but system is executing the event multiple time

rather than once .It makes the checking very slow each time this check occurs event occur mulitple times.

Please suggest what to do .

Thanks & Regards,


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Answers (3)

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Please ensure that u r given necessary conditions before doing validation

1. pval.BeforeAction = False
2.Pval.ColumUID = "UrId"
3.Pval.ItemUId = "UrMatId"


Firos C

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Hello Amit,

download the [B1DE|] [original link is broken];

and use the Event Logger to check which events occure in SBO.

Then choose the correct event for you application.

SBO in most cases an bubble event (for and after)

example: for is for checking conditions in the order and after is execute custom functionality when the order is saved.

Look in the SDK helpfile for more information.

Good luck.

HTH regards Teun