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ESS Leave Request cant be processed after work schedule change -

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Good Morning,

we relativly often have the situation that a person creates a leave request and between the creation and approval, the work schedule of this person changes. When the manager tries to approve the leave or the employee tries to create another leave request (we have the check unprocessed leave requests flag set) the system just says:

Attendance/absence type 0901 requires minimum of 1 calendar days

Which is correct. The day was taken with less hours then it now requires after the work schedule change.

My question is, how can we update the leave request without deleting and redoing or deleting it every time?

Can we update the hours in the unprocessed leave request manually via some admin TA?

Thanks and best regards


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Answers (1)

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Hi, did you find any solution? We have same problem.

Employee sends leave request, while he has 8h workday according to his work schedule.

Before his supervisor accepts it, on IT2003 we change his work schedule for 12hours.

After accepting his request, workflow container has got 8 hours and beguz 08:00 and enduz 16:00.

Leave request should still be for entire day (12 hours in this example).

Is there any solution to this?