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ESD (Cash Discount) Process for Greece Localization Specific


Hello Experts,

I would greatly value your assistance in comprehending the handling of Cash Discounts in SAP B1 for the Greece localization. It is evident that SAP's behavior in Greece differs from that in our other landscapes. For instance, let's compare two SAP databases: UK and GR:

Take into account an AP Invoice with a net amount of EUR 100, a VAT of 20%, and a 3% Cash Discount if payment is made at least 30 days before the due date.

In the UK Loc. we get:

Supplier 120
Input VAT20 

UK Payment 

Bank 116.40 
Input VAT 0.60VAT Adjustment (20 - 3%)
Cash Discount Account 3.00 

Whereas in GR:

Supplier 119.4 
Input VAT19.4 Base Amount reduced by 3%

GR Payment:

Bank 116.4
Cash Discount Account 3.00

To summarize, the UK invoice is recorded as standard, and the cash discount plus VAT adjustment are only posted upon payment of the invoice. This is logical since we cannot apply a discount at the time of invoicing without knowing if the invoice will be paid within the discount period.

Conversely, in Greece, SAP applies the discount directly on the invoice by reducing the VAT base amount by 3%, effectively making an advance VAT adjustment. This approach seems incorrect as no discount should be calculated at this stage. Although the VAT amount appears accurate if paid within the discount period, reconciling the rest of the process could be challenging.

We have not found any settings in SAP to alter this behaviour, nor is there any SAP documentation that explains this procedure in Greece. It appears we may be overlooking some steps, so any guidance on the correct handling of this would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (1)

Hi Gisele,

we have 2 localizations whith UK: UK International/republoc of ireland and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nothern Ireland in SAP Business One. I guess you have introduced your results on the first one. However, we used the second one for the GR localization. So, the cash discount in this localizations and UK is booked accordng the Note

Kind regards,

Ganna Hrivnakova