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ERS Settlement

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Transaction MRER is not picking the PO Line item: 20 for posting invoice eventhough the GR is made for that line item.

But for line item 10 the MRER is picking PO and postings are done for the GR.

I have checked the item level settings & vendor settings both are same.

Please adivse how to come out of the issue for line item:20

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Answers (2)

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Correction program created ZZ_EKRS_CORR

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Hi Muralidharan,

I guess, the Z- program is to make entries into EKRS table, right..Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm interested to know whether the invoice is posted successfully (in the subsequent ERS run) and the payment is also processed as expected.

Your feedback will really help us solving a similar situation.



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the tcode is not MRER. it's MRRL and check the processing option

and it should be 2 for PO . 3 is for order item wise.

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Hi Gurus,

I have a GR containing 4 line items referring to a PO. And in PO for all 4 line items the ERS is flagged. Item level settings are SAME for all line items. Apart from that all items are assigned to SAME Account assignement. Its a valuated PO, with all items without material master. After the GR the invoice is posted in background referring to program "RMMR1MRR" and invoice posted to all line items except for item:10. On further analysis it is found that EKRS table is not updated for that line item. I executed MRER in forground and it displays "List contains no data".

PLease let me know why EKRS table is not updated for line no.10. But MSEG table is upadted for all line items and GR posted successfully. Is there any way to check the history of EKRS table updation on GR date. Please help me on this. As this is a repeated issue. In job log no hint is there on line item:10.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi gurus,

Is there any update on this case.


muralidharan B