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Errors using parameters for User Prompted Values.

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Hi there,

I’m experiencing some problems with SAP Business One where when creating a query that will prompt a user for a value (such as an ItemCode or a CardCode) I am unable to create the query successfully.

Strangely, this also throws different errors each time I do it. I have attached images of the errors. They are ‘User Defined Values’ (another term for ‘formatted searches’), ‘Backend Scheduling Job’, and ‘Received Alerts’. I also have seen it throw an error that simply says ‘Document’ but was unable to get a screenshot.

Existing queries that prompt for User Values that I have written previously are working fine and prompting for values and executing as expected. It’s only when creating new ones that I am experiencing this issue.

The code is:

'SELECT PCH1.DocDate, PCH1.Dscription, OPCH.CardCode FROM PCH1 PCH1 LEFT JOIN OPCH OPCH ON PCH1.DocEntry = OPCH.DocEntry WHERE OPCH.CardCode LIKE [%0]'error-1.pngerror-2.pngerror-3.png

What could this issue be in relation to?


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