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Error when updating message listner in mII

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I am running through the SAP Install guide==> SAPMEINT install section. After configuring the message listner on page 33 the next step is to check it is running and fully available. When I click on the update button for the message listener a message appears saying: Cannot update configuration; JRA XMIIDOC01 must be configured in SAP Netweaver Administrator before it can be used'

I have been told that it is set up in NW. The NW log says:

500 Internal Server Error is returned for HTTP request [_http://xxxxxx:xxxx/XMII/JCO/ServerAdmin.jsp]:

component [CMSAdmin],

web module [XMII],

application [],

DC name [],

CSN component[],

problem categorization [],

internal categorization [973969870].

Any idea what could be causing this?

Edited by: Steven Williamson on May 20, 2010 1:01 PM

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Hi Steven,

Hope you have configured the IDOC on NWA before,

Please logon to NWA and follow the path to check the status for the XMIIIDOC** you configured

Configuration Management->infrastructure->Application resources--->from drop down select Resource adapters and

check the status of XMIIIDOC** If the status shows Not available than go back to main menu of nwa and folow this path

Operation management->Systems->Start&Stop and choose Java EE Application and filter the search for sapjra~ and

check the status of XMIIIDOC** you configured if thestatus is failed then click on start and select "All Instances

and set started as Initial state and click on refresh button next to it click on Application list.

Make sure to filter the seach later for xapps~ and check all the application in this shows status available