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Error VF342. Multiple deliveries of a same Sales Order using VF04

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I am trying to create an Invoice (TCODE VF04) using 2 deliveries (5080003598 and 5080003599) from a same Sales Order (see file VF04_Nro1.jpg) and SAP displayed the error in the 2nd delivery (see file Err_msg1.jpg).

When I see the log, this is the message (see file Log_message_1.jpg😞

Diagnosis The required processing is stopped, as the document 2150002788 is currently being processed and is therefore blocked for this processing.

System Response When creating billing documents, processing of the preceding document 2150002788 is stopped. There is no possibility of processing further preceding documents. When creating cancellation billing documents, processing of the preceding document 2150002788 is also stopped. As this preceding document is part of the billing document to be cancelled, cancellation of the complete billing document is stopped. If several billing documents are cancelled during processing, processing of all billing documents is stopped.

Procedure Check who is responsible for the document block and repeat the transaction after clearing the matter.


And Technical data refrence to VF342 error (see file Log_technical_data.jpg).

The result is OK if I select 2 deliveries from different Sales Order.

According the example, the result is OK if I select the deliveries:

  • 5080003598 with 5080003600 or
  • 5080003599 with 5080003600.

I really appreciate your comments.


Note: We are using SAP S/4 Hana 1709

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While executing VF04, ensure the related sale orders are not in change mode in which case, system will trigger this message. Moreover, from your screen shot, I could see the status as Fully Invoiced for document 5080003598. May be if you can look at the document flow from the sale order at item level, it will give you a clear picture as to which line item is invoiced and which is not.

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Thanks for answering but this process has been executed in Simulation way in the QA environment. Hence:

  1. The issue is happening with deliveries of the same Sale Order number;
  2. The documents are full available to create the Invoice ;
  3. it's happening in Production environment.


Sorry but it's not clear when you said "ensure the related Sale Orders are not in change mode" because in this case it's only one Sale Order with 2 deliveries. Hence, if the Sale Order was in change mode, the simulation's result had failed.