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Error tax code TAXINN/V0

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Hi Friends ,

We are geting following tax related error in MIRO posting , here the case is " In our quality server two clients we are having , one 100 another 300 . After testing all things in client 100 we had copied client 100 to 300 . MIRO posting was woeking fine in client 100 but it is not working 300 , giving following error . we are using client 300 for training , we had checked all configarstion seting and every thing is fine " ,

Tax code V0 country IN does not exist in procedure TAXINN

Message no. FF713


You entered a tax code which is not defined for the country of the company code to be posted to in the tax calculation procedure.

System Response


Check and, if necessary, correct the entry.

Procedure for System Administration

If it is not an input error, check and possibly change the system settings.

To do this, choose Maintain entries (F5).

Check whether the company code is assigned to the correct country and whether the correct tax calculation procedure has been entered for the company code country.

Create a new tax code if necessary.


Since it is possible that the tables in question are being updated at a different time on another computer, it can take a certain amount of time for the tax code to be on all local machines in client server architectures after saving the new code.

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jsut check tax procedure assignment to country .

if the tax procure has changed give the old one or create a new V0 for newly tax procedure .

but in the sec case , the old po payment may not wrk . so the frist otion is the ebst

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Two things that you need to check

1. If the tax code is created in FTXP and condition record maintained for it through Fv11 for atleast one condition.

2. If the tax code is assigned to company code in CIN customising. SPRO > LG> Tax on goods movmt > India > Basic settings > Determination of Excise duty > Condition based excies determiantion > Assign tax code to company code.

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In OBBG Check Calculation Procedure is Assigned to yur Country.

In OBCL Check V0 Tax code is Assigned Against your Company Code.

If Everything is Maintained then Go to FTXP and Create a Tax Code V0 against Country and give Tax Percentage as 0 and save.



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01. Create a tax code

02. Ensure that this Tax code is assigned to company code in CIN setting,

03 Maintain condition record in FV11 for any of Sales Tax / VAT related condition

also check did u assign th egl acct to ur keys in OB40

plz check that ur getting gl accts in ftxp for the conditions

in ftxp if u get the gl acct for the conditions then ur error will solve



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1.assignment of ur country IN to procedure TAXINN in OBBG T.code.

2.Tax code V0 assignment with ur company Code in OBCL t.code

3.Tax % in FTXP t.code( the tax must be Inputax),


Biju K

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First check the tax procedure assigned to country IN using T code OY01 - most likely it is TAXINN in your case.

Then make sure that you have defined those tax codes in FTXP in country IN.

The assignment of A0 and V0 you have done to the company code is just for default tax code in case system doesn't find any tax code for posting.

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please create a new tax V0 code using FTXP