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error "order type pp01in xyz plant"

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hi gurus,

while running co40 it shows error in releasing order. it showa error " <b>order type pp01 plant xyz: No checking rule maintain for operation</b>." I have done setting for availability check in spro( OPJK). what to do guide me

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See setting of checking control where u will find checking at the time of order creation -1 & checking at the time of order release-2. so check whether checking rule PP is assigned in checking control during order release. It should be ssigned to checking during order creation also.

See the seeting & tell



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Suhas Somani

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Just a reminder in "OPJK" you need to assign the checking rule for "Material Availability" and "PRT availability" also make sure that you have maintained this for Business function "Release" for the plant/order type combination.

If this is ok, please let me the screen shot of OPJK for "Business Function" = 2 and the screen shot of the error message to



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hi Jinan

check MRp plant parameters ( OPPQ) for the plant, planned orders tab, click on teh dep. reqmts availablilty and verify the checking rule is assigned or not. if not then assign "pp" checking rule.

I hope now it will work



reward your points

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sk ,

thanks for ur answer i have done it previously,till showing error

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step 1. define checking group ovz2

2. define checking rule

3. define the scope of check opjk

4. define checking control opjj

In this checking control you need to link the checking rule.

This you may be missing .so you are getting the error

First step you need to define the order type

secong step you need to define the dependent parameters

Third step you need to assign the order type to Production scheduling profile

Fourth step you need to <b>assign the checking control to your order type</b>

Fifth step you need to define the scheduling parameters for your order type

Sixth step you need to define the confirmation parameters for your order type

Follow these steps



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hi nandha ,

till problem is unsolved ?

what to do

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check whether in your system the followings are available

1 In define checking group check whether checking group

01 and 02 are there .

2. In define checking rule check either 01 checking rule

01 or 02 checking rule 02 or else PP PP checking

rule is available.

3. In define scope of check enter availability check

field 01 and in the checking rule field enter PP

checking rule or checking rule 01.

Similarly do the same procedure for 02.

4. In the define checking control enter your order type

as PP01 and in the Business function enter 1 and


In the Checking rule enter field enter the checking

rule 01 or checking rule 02 or PP checking rule .

Do the same procedure for business function 2

5. Assign in the Material master MRP 3view avaialbility

check field 02 ( if you want to check the material availability during order release)