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Error Message V1810 - Make to Order No Change delivery plant in Sales Order

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Hello, for a client where I'm setting the flow intercompany , but i have  an error on the Sales Order when I must be change delivery plant.

Scenario: Make to Order, Product configuration, Sales Order BOM created by  CS60


1 - I create sales order fo company X delivery plant 1000

2 - Creates Order BOM on plant 2000 Company Y

3 - creates MRP Planned Order

4 - Convert Planned Order to Production Order

For different issues can happen that you decide to ship the goods to a different plant than the X. Production Plant remains 2000.

If I try to change the plant on the Order system stops me with the following error:

Message V1810 - Plant can no longer be changed


The plant can no longer be changed in the Following situations:

The item has been assigned to a project.

There is a production order for the order item but it is not a staticassembly order.

Already have accrued costs.

For the very complex structure of the product I can not delete the production order and sales order BOM.

How do I handle these cases?

Can anyone help me?

Best regards


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Hi Guiseppe,

can you please answer some questionsa to understand your requirement.

if you want to transfer the goods from plant to plant you can do it through Stcok transfer MB1B t code.

1.then why you want to change the plant? in which element you are trying to do in sales order or production order? mention it as intercompany and MTO can you be clear for whoom you got the sales order(internal or External Customer?

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Thaks for you replay.

I try to change plant in Sales Order. If exist the sales order BOM the system return an error V1810.

The sales order is a standard order  towards an external customer.

In some cases I have to change the plan because the customer changes the point of collection of the goods.