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error message TPM_TRAC1024 (acct determination)

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Hi experts,

Need your assistance in order to solve this issue.

Fyi, we've tried to change the GL accounts in table 'assignment of GL accounts to account symbols'.

This is in order to update new GL accounts for new account assignment reference (for new loan purposes).

In our previous config, for example for account symbol interest expense, we do insert balance sheet GL account (eventhough we should not do so).  But after ECC6 EHP5 upgrade (starting October 2012), the config do validate that the account symbol interest expense only allow those profit and loss GL account.  So, due to this, our previous config seems error and we cannot do additional config for new account assignment reference as the error message keep on appearing.

Fyi, if we change the account symbol, im worried that it would affect our current posting in PRD.

Is there any way that we can bypass this 'validation' so that it would allow the existing config to remain and new config can be proceed?

Your soonest feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It will not affect your current postings. The change in account assignment is valid only for future postings.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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with notes 1587852 and 1590851, the message type of tpm_trac1024 should be customizable from error to warning (-> transaction OBA5).

Hope this helps...

best regards,