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Error Message No MD511

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Hi Gurus

I have an issue related with a phantom assembly, I am creating a planned order using MD11, within my BOM I am using a phantom assembly, the structure is very simple just three levels including the phantom wich is the last one.

At the moment when I am trying to see the component list I am getting the following error

*Could not explode phantom assembly 305899*

*Message no. MD511*


*The system could not explode one or more phantom assemblies when exploding the order BOM.*

*Although there are BOMs for these phantom assemblies, no valid BOMs could be selected that correspond to the selection criteria.*

*System Response*

*The system could not determine any components for the relevant phantom assemblies when exploding the BOM. However, the system created dependent requirements with the property "Phantom Assembly" (DUMPS = 'X') for these assemblies.*


*Check the selection criteria and the BOM validities for the phantom assemblies.*

I am just wondering what am I doing wrong, the Phantom is a simple phantom assembly with only one material within its structure

Please advice


Paco Olivier

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Answers (2)

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Please refer this thread,



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I have read the thread and unfurtunately is not the solution, since there are no more than 1 prod version for the product.

However I have found the error.

The message was related to the Selection Method parameter into the MRP3 view, it was active for the phantom assemply with value 3 and since the phantom assembly was not prepared for prod. the system was looking for a PrdVer. sending the message I posted in the original message

Thanks any way for your help.



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Is the system you are using primarily S4HANA? If you are using ECC system, first of all you must check selection Method for Selecting Alternative Bills of Material area on the Material Master(MRP 4). If that area is 2 or 3 method. You have to create a production version or clear that area but you are using S4HANA system, system need a production version for phantom material which create a production version. After run the mrp or mps on the system. You will see this material on MD04.

Best Regards,
Onur Giray