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Error Message CJ606 Entry "SM" already exists

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Dear Team,

I have been trying to create the Coding mask with SM (2 Char), in fact, in Golden client there is a coding mask already been defined with S (1 Char). I have seen various threads and unable to fix the issue.

The is a error message

Entry "SM" already exists

Error Message CJ606

Below threads didn't help me out. I have tried by enabling the first check box and changing the value of "PL" 2 as shown in the attachment.

Could someone help me out to fix it.

Thank you in advance.


Arunachalam. AN

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Answers (1)

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Hi Arun,

Check if you can delete existing WBS master data with a single character key, theoretically you should not have created any such data in the golden client at first place.

The message should warn you that existing master data can become unreadable when you are changing the key length. So, you have a chance to acknowledge and accept it.

You can also have an option not to use coding masks, that is way more flexible to control the naming with validations.

Finally you have an option to adjust the settings with a brute force, since that customizing record has no dependencies, but existing S.* projects can become unreadable, same as you can change it back from 2 to 1 again.