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error 'ledger group 0L may not be used' in TBB1

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Hi experts,

we are in the midst of upgrading our SAP version from EHP5 to EHP7.

For TRM, suddenly during posting in TBB1, we faced with an error of 'ledger group 0L may not be used'.

When comparing on the configuration between EHP5 and after EHP7, there is no changes to the config.

But we faced with this issue.

Really appreciate your help on this matter.

Thank you.

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Answers (4)

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Hi Noor,

Check report  FMGL_CHANGE_APPL_IN_LEDGER described in note 1766739 - Ledger group 0L disappears during upgrade.

This note can fix this issue.

Regards, Feng

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Ive checked the config there, but yes we already assign it to the ledger. I do not understand why the error still exist..


Is it related to the activation of fund mgmt? We already implemented fund mgmt since 2014, but this is first time I got this kind of error after upgrade to ehp7..

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Check table FAGL_TLDGRP for 0L Group if it is assigned to SUBAPPLGLF or  PSM or  JVA

Check this article Definition of Leading Ledger for Public Sector Customers - ERP Financials - SCN Wiki - the part about "The report FMGL_CHANGE_APPL_IN_LEDGER ignores the new subapplication PSX". Consult with Fi ans PSM team.

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Hi Noor,

Could you TBB1 error  ?



Financial Supply Chain Management

Treasury and Risk Management

Transaction Manager

General Settings



Assign Accounting Codes and Valuation Areas

Kind Regards