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Error in material requirement generation for Main WBS element & Sub WBS Element after MRP Run MD51

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Hi all,

I have a problem when run MRP for PS by MD51. I have a project structure below:

Project definition: PEN-00210

1.WBS element: PEN-00210.01.007 (Main WBS Element)

Network: 101

Activity: 101 - 10 (material A, quantity = 10) (Header Material)

2.WBS element: PEN-00210.01.007.01 (1st Sub-WBS Element)

Network: 102

Activity: 102 - 10 (material B, quantity = 10) (HALB Material).

WBS element: PEN-00210.01.007.02 (2nd Sub-WBS Element)

Network: 103

Activity: 103 - 10 (material C, quantity = 15) (HALB Material)

My questions is:-

1. When I run MRP by MD51 for WBS Element PEN-00210.01.007, System Generate 5 planned orders. For Example,

a. 1st planned order - Material A wrt PEN-00210.01.007 (Main WBS Element) for 10 qty. (which is OK).

b. 2nd Planned Order - Material B wrt PEN-00210.01.007 (main WBS Element) for 10 qty (that is not ok i want system will create Plan order only wrt their WBS Element i.e. PEN-00210.01.007.01 (1st Sub-WBS Element).

c. 3rd Planned Order - Material B wrt PEN-00210.01.007.01 (1st Sub-WBS Element) for 5 qty (That is not ok. System generate plan order wrt to their WBS element but why for 5 qty....?)

d. same for C materials.

Basically I want that system generate plan orders wrt to their particular WBS Elements but I don't know how System generate 2 planned orders for 1 material which is for their Main WBS element & also for their Sub-WBS Element.

Please Help to resolve this problem


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Answers (2)

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Thanks for the reply sir,

I have assigned finished material to parent WBS element & semi finished materials to sub WBS elements. I have assigned Network activities to WBS element.

Project Structure -

MRP Results With hierarchy -

Total Requirement for header material is 2 EA

Results for Semi finished materials 698101652

System generate 1st planned order wrt Main WBS element PEN-00210.01.007 for (8 qyt). & 2nd planned order wrt to their WBS element PEN-00210.01.007.01 (4 qyt.).

Please Find Screen shot of CSP1 for more Clarification.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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What are the WBS assignments for the Network Activities? Are you assigning the Network Activities or the Network Headers to a WBS? Please attach screen shots as well of the project objects and the MRP results.