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Hi experts

I got an error while I am trying to execute it.

Company code RR10/RR10 do not appear in proposal 12.02.2012 RR10 ; correct


Please help me.

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Answers (2)

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There may be many reasons why this error is coming:

1. Check if there are any open items for that vendor (FBL1N)

2. Check if that vendor is included in any other payment proposal for which payment run is not yet carried out

3. Check if all the parameters are entered correctly in the payment run

4. Check the vendor master if you have maintained payment method

Hope this helps


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There could be several reasons why this error is encountered. Check the following thread.

Check your proposal log to determine why the items are not picked up. May be there are no items to be picked up by the program basing on your selection criteria. Another possibility is that the items are locked in another payment run. You may need to delete those proposals (that didn't go thru all the way) and retry.