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Error Deficit of Not Stock Relevant during MIGO Cancel

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Hi All,

I created a PO consumable (with account assignment K) for a valuated material (ROH).

Then, I created the GR for that PO via MIGO, and no issue here.

But when I want to cancel the GR via MIGO cancellation, system is showing error message:

"Deficit of not stock relevant 1- UN : [material number] [plant] [blank] [vendor number]"

I have check the system message, the entry M7 021 is supposed to be warning [W].

What is wrong? How can I cancel this GR?

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Answers (5)

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I have to admit that I never saw the M7021 message with this wording, and haven't found a hint in Support notes either.

You may try it with PANKS if it could find a note. Otherwise you may need to open a call at SAP Support yourself.

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Has anyone found a solution to this issue, if yes, would you kindly share the solution?

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Hi Bayu Setyawan,

Im facing the same issue. Can you, kindle, explain how do you solve it ??


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Please confirm if you have applied the following notes:

2502183 - Slog: correction for quantity check

2524362 - Slog: Exclusive Lock with negative stock problem

2526769 - MM-IM - Negative Stock Occurred with early locking

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Hi Myra,

I shall look into these notes. Thank you.

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M7021 is a multi-purpose message, each character of the message is important for a solution. Please copy the message without hiding anything.

If the message is a result of an ATP check then it it will check the customizing setting whether it is warning or error.

If the message is a result of a check to prevent inconsistencies then it is hard coded as error and you cannot get around it by making the attributes a warning.

Beside of copying the exact verbiage of the message, please also explain how exactly you use MIGO. What action is selected and what reference is selected.

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Hello jrgen.lins sir,

Our process is still basic; the PO is standard, GR-based invoice, no confirmation/inbound process.

The material type is stock valuated; the purchase order is for direct consumption to Cost Center (K).

We do the GR via MIGO, trx A01 (GR) with reference to R01 (PO), movement 101.

After GR, no IR has been created.

Then we do the cancellation via MIGO, trx A03 (cancellation) with reference to R02 (matdoc), movement 102.

The error is triggered during the check step (before post).

Curious, so I tried to do these processes but still having the same error:

1. Use MIGO, trx A01 (GR) with reference to R01 (PO), but I changed the mvt to 102. The system can pickup the data, but cannot post due the same error when checking.

2. Use MIGO, trx A01 (GR) with reference to R01 (PO), but I changed the mvt to 122. Still cannot post due the error when checking.

3. Create another PO with the same information but with Return indicator. Do the GR via MIGO with mvt 161. Still cannot post due the error when checking.

4. Try to use FM BAPI_GOODSMVT_CANCEL by throwing the matdoc, year, posting date. But, the process returns the same error.

5. Cannot open MBST because it is obselete; unavailable in Hana.

I am open for any other alternatives 🙂