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EREC: Branches not being displayed

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While creating requisition, i am able to see the companies i created, but i cant seem to see to branches related to these companies. in SPRO i created the relationships and ic an find them in BUT000 table and V77RCFBRANCHCOMP

my T77S0 entries:

RECFA BRARO RCFBRA Branch Rule in Business Partner

After debugging the WDP, the condition failing is when the program is trying to look for entries in BUT100, and rltype=RCFBRA

what did i miss in the steps, that branches are not being displayed?

any help is much appreciated

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Answers (2)

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Hi ... I am having the same issue. I have set up the new Branch and have assigned it to the Company. But I dont see it in the drop down on my portal. What am I missing?

Where did you create the default role and where did you it enable and assign category?


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companies have to be defined in customizing as the company keys are used in other customizing tables like T77RCF_ACT2FORM (assignment of forms to activity types). So their keys have to be transported through the system landscape to ensure they are equal on all systems.

Branches howerver have to be maintained by using the application in the role of the recruiting administrator. Only the maintenance via the application ensures that not only the BP role assignment to the business partner is correct but also all additional data e.g. in cluster PCL_RCF is created correctly.

If you create the business partner for the branch in the backend and maintain table T77RCFBRANCHCOMP the first issue is usually that you can't see any branch at all in the eRecruiting application. Reason is usually that the business partner role for the branch is not assigned to the business partner (this role is defined via T77S0 switch RECFA BRARO). If you assign the role later the branches appear in the application but you still miss the additional data which will lead to issues later in project or production. So using the application in the recruiting administrator role is the only solution which guarantees data consitency.

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Thanks for your help. I added the new Branches using the Admin account on the portal. I think there is also a timing issue because I was not initially able to see my new Branches despite that I could see them on the two tables on the back end. I checked this morning and I was able to see them on the Requisition screen.

Thanks again.

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the default role for branches is not created, in the systems i have to enable it and assign category