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Equipment BOM

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I m maintaining equipment BOM for spare parts planning ,where all item category has been mentioned as "L",now from maintenance order I want to generate Purchase Requisition by changing the item category as "N" after selecting the specfic item from that equipment BOM .But item category field of the maintenance order is coming greyed mode ?how can I change the item category from "L" to "N" to trigger PR??

Also is it possible to create Purchase Requisition from t-code ME51N with reference to an equiment for which I have maintained BOM .Is there any field to enter equipment no from where I can retrieve the spare parts list ?Please give ur valuable suggestion how to proceed.

thanks in advance.



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To get Non stock item from BOM in maintenance order, If you are maintaing BOM with componenets with ?L then maintain the same code with N and assign the same in maintenance order thro Components tab-> List and select the component and double click it will get copied in to your MO but remeber it will pick up the same Qty maintained in BOM, Now release your MO and save. You will have PR.

Coming to ur second issue there is no account assignment such as Equipment but I think you can use the same cost center maintained in equipment, BOM fetching from the transaction ME51N is not possible.