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Enhancement Request for Purchase Order Email Template - MM_PUR_PO_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE

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The current Purchase Order default email template, MM_PUR_PO_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE, lacks sufficient configurability as the associated CDS view (I_PURCHASEORDEREMAILPARAMETER) contains only basic details of the Purchase Order (PO). We aim to enhance the template by incorporating additional fields such as PO net amount, PO creator, etc. Additionally, we've observed that there is no option to include the My Inbox work item URL in the email, a feature available in sales order-related templates (e.g., SD_SLS_SO_APPROVAL_EMAIL_TMPL, with the data field {{WorkflowTaskURL}}).

Fields Currently Available in the PO Default Email Template:

- Purchase Order Number

- Purchase Order Type

- Creation Date of Purchasing Document

- Purchase Order Date

- Company Code

- Purchasing Organization

- Purchasing Group

- Purchasing Group Name

- Telephone number of purchasing group (buyer group)

- Fax number of purchasing (buyer) group

- Telephone No.: PERSON_NAME Code and Number

- Telephone no.: Extension

- Email Address

- Purchasing Organization Name

- Company Code

- Deprecated Entries

Expected Solution:

1. Provide a mechanism to add additional fields and a Work Item URL link to the Purchase Order default email template.

2. Offer alternative custom workarounds if available, in case using the email template is not the most effective solution.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Kindly refer to the content provided below.

1. Unfortunately CDS view I_PURCHASEORDEREMAILPARAMETER is not released for customer usage for now, if you want this to be released kindly share this as new feature request via, refer KBA 2670813.

Also, changing the above data source is currently not possible for email templates as you might not find the same in the predelivered emails template available on the tool "Extend Data Source" of App "Custom Fields and Logic".

2. Please refer to the Blog:

As provided in the blog we can customize the email subject and the body. In this case, we can also add the URL to navigate to the work item. The receiver will click on the link that will open the related work item directly in the ‘My Inbox’ * (Fig. 6 )

Best regards,

SAP Support

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