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Enh. COPA0003 don't work when clicking button "profit. segment " of FB70

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Hi all,

I would like to use the Enhancement COPA0003 to populate some characteristics in screen "Assignment to a profitability segment" of transaction FB70.

I have activated this Enhancement, and i have put a break point in the function EXIT_SAPLKEAK_001 of COPA0003.

But when i click on the button "profit. segment " of FB70, the debug isn't executed, it means this enhancement don't work.

Anyone know how we do to activate this enhancement in FB70 (FB01, FB02 too)? if I'm missing other setting for COPA0003 before it's activating in SMOD/CMOD?

Thank a lot in advance,

Vinh Vo

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If the posting is done in batch (or triggered by workflow) function module

EXIT_SAPLKEAK_001 is not run. From release 5.00 on characteristic groups are indeed not considered any more during batch input processes because

there were problems before with initial chars of a CO-PA line item

resulting from a batch input process that actually shouldn't be initial.

Please take a look at the sap note 581739 (implemented in standard with 5.00)

that put an end to usage of char groups during batch input processes.



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