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Employee Synchronization-HRALXSYNC! E-Recruitment/CRM/SCM.

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Hello guys,

I am running E-recruitment 6.00 on the same instance,i.e. E-Rec and Erp 2005

are on the same machine. When i run the report HRALXSYNC to synchronize an internal employee, the basic datda,address and bank datda are generated for both the Central Person and Person(the green icons are presenet next to them). The only worry is there is an external column by the Name "Internal Candidate" for both for Central Person and Employee(Red Icon). I tried repairing the entry but it isn't working and also there is no Error message.

Also when i check if the correspoding business partner is generated, they are present.

Do you think the entry "Internal Candidate" should be present at all?

Is there any setting i need to look into?

Every suggestion would be appreciated.



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Answers (2)

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Hi Ravi,

Can you suggest how you have rectify this error.I am also getting the same error.

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this topic has been discussed from time to time.

If you have trouble using HRALXSYNC make sure you are on the latest support package or at least have applied all notes you can find in the service market place.

Check the documentation in note 997181 to make sure you have done all settings for the e-recruiting integration.

Furthermore check the following issues:

- number range for business partners has to be maintained

- address usage xxdefault for business partner has to be maintained

- table with geo coding GEOT005 must be maintained

- in some cases mapping of form of address and other name parts as prefixes have to be maintained

Kind Regrads


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I m facing the same..

Kindly post the solusiton