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Employee Group & Employee Sub Group

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Hello everyone,

Can anyone please explain to me what is the employee group and employee subgroups are for, in terms of organizational structures, except from geograpical locations as my provider mentions?

I know that these two terms are useful for location purposes and therefore enable the BW reports to cut and sort the org structure data.

In terms of future modules which could be e-learing, PM, etc, that could be the case for using these two as I understand. Are there any other processes which are useful for?

Also, if you choose not to use these two terms wherelese just to update these two in org structures fields as these are mandetory fields, what is the loss of not updating them in their meaningful values?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes. The structure is divided into 3 parts (IT0001): Enterprise Structure, Peronnel Structure and Organizational Plan

The employee group and subgroup drive the Personnel structure.

For example, our employee groups are divided into a type of employe:

Elected, Appointed, Executives, General, Temporary, Union, Intern, Non-Employee

Then this is further divided down into subtypes:

FT Salaried, FT Hourly, PT Salaried, PT Hourly, Flat Rate, PPT Hourly, PPT Salaried

The employee group can be used to generate default values for data entry, used for selection on reporting and authorization checks in security.

The subgroup lets you further determine what work schedules are allowed for what type of employee, what wagetypes an employee is allowed to have, a nice grouping for peronnel calculation rules in payroll, the validity of payscale groups on IT0008 Basic Pay and more.

These groups drive many processes in our organization. I would identify them carefully.

Hope this helps.

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Also, if you have access to

There is an article that explains the HR Structures called:

How to Design SAP HR Structures to Work Best for Your Company

by Mark S. Jackson, Manager, Accenture u2022 February 17, 2010

That might be a good place to start. This topic is one of those items that once you go a certain path, it's hard to change it later. So be sure to take the time and do it right the first time.

Good Luck!

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As mentioned by KSMITH, the Employee Groups and Sub-Groups can be used to differentiate your employees.

For example, in our Employee Group 1 (Teachers), we have Sub-Groups ET (Elementary Teachers) and ST (Secondary Teachers), and in our Employee Group 3 (Regular 12 month employees), we have Sub-Groups such as AS (Administrative Staff) and SD (Service Directors).

These Groups and Sub-Groups can then be used in Time Management or Payroll Configuration to create Employee Sub-Group Groupings.

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