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EHS - characteristic function module C14K_PHRASECHARACT_CHECK

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when new value assignments are created and existing characteristic (of char30 type) are put in the new class, characteristic function module gets detached from characteristic value check.

thus not able to select phrases for value assignment type.

i tried executing 'match up master data' option - Activate Phrase-Related Characteristics but function module (C14K_PHRASECHARACT_CHECK) doesnt get attached.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Arvind,

Please follow the below steps to attach the function module to a Characteristic.

Choose the created Characteristic in Change Characteristic mode.(CT04)

Choose the tab page <b><i>Values</i></b>

Choose <i><b>Other value check</b></i>

Select <i><b>Funtn. Module</b></i> and confirm

Enter the function module (C14K_PHRASECHARACT_CHECK) in the <i><b>Function</b></i> field

If you have selected multiple values then check <b><i>Addition values</i></b>.

Save your entry.

( You can also check the below link for the screenshot )

Hope you have created phrase set and assigned to that Characteristic. Then goto Match up master data. Check <i><b>Activate Phr. Assgt to charac</b></i> and execute.

If this dosen’t works, please do reply.


Srinivas Nookireddy


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Hi Srinivas,

thanks for reply.

i got over this. as explained by u, it works.

but problem comes when u leave some of the characteristics in CGAB without phrase set assignment and run 'Activate' option in match up.

refer to note 539861

though plm component level is high enough (than mentioned in note) i am getting this problem. work around is to assign phrase set to all char30 entries in cgab and not to leave any blank. else it detaches the function module.



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