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EE ESI Contribution not calculated, although ER ESI contribution is calculated

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Dear All,

For some of the employees, EE ESI contribution is not getting calculated.  IT588, table V_T7INE3, table V_7IN0P_ESI are well-maintained.  Plus this issue is just for some of the employees.

Please find image of function INESI for an error case.  As you notice, /3EA is calculated (Basis, it's below 15000 i.e. within limit and hence eligible) and Er Contri (/3E2) is also calculated.  But EE contribution (/3E1) is not calculated.

Would appreciate help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ankit,

Even i have faced the same issue for one of my client.

in our case :  we have employees for whom we maintain per day salary in IT 8 and number of present days in IT 2010. these gets multiplied and forms the salary per month.

here the Min.Avg.Wage per day was less than the amount we have paid to an employee thus it occurred.

so  i suggest you to change the Min.Avg.Wage per day constant value to less in table V_T511P.

and try it will deduct the EE ESI contribution too.



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Yes, Aminuddin.  I figured this out yesterday... we have similar situation here but for just few employee groups, not all.  so option of changing ESIMN is not feasible, since it affects all employee groups.  I have resolved this with a PCR work-around.

THanks for reply.

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