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Editing new crystal layouts for financial reports in 8.8

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After upgrading to 8.8 PL10 I decided to investigate the new financial layouts for Crystal. When I opened the layout however I couldn't make much sense of how it is structured or even functions, it seems to reference a PLD table that I couldn't find under tables, views, or stored procedures. Any advice on how to better manipulate this report would be great.

They are all structured similarly so lets use the new balance sheet as a reference.


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Were you ever able to edit the reports? I am having the same issue.


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We are looking into this as well. Let me know what you find and I will keep you posted.

Hope all is well up there.


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I'm glad to see some support heavyweights are having trouble too, now I don't feel like an idiot. As far as modifying them it has become a back burner project while I work on reports I feel like I have a shot at without 20 hours of trial and error. I will update this thread when I get back to the problem though.

Best of luck everyone.

PS. I do have a reasonably functional financial report that I custom built myself if anyone is in an emergency situation. All I ask is that you credit Orchestra with the base design if you want to use it.

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Here are my findings ...

- The new Crystal Reports Layouts base deeply on the "old" PLD Layouts.

- The table "PLD__ITEMS" is an XML-file with the data of the report.

- If you want to show same additional fields of PLD__ITEMS on the report, it is not enough to drag the field on the report. You also have to format the field and add additional info to the CSS-Class like: FileName="OINV";FieldNum="CardName";

The workflow I used to edit the new CR Layouts:

1. Edit the old PLD Layout as needed

2. Use the Crystal Reports Converter to get a CR from the PLD [Download|/docs/DOC-8768#section16 [original link is broken]]

(The PDF included gives some basic hints about the structure of the CR Layout)

3. Edit the SAP CR with the informations of the converted CR (from PLD)

Hope this helps a bit ...

Martin Samlaus

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Thanks Martin, this is what we have just found as well.

JM, I will be in touch soon, maybe we can collaborate.