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EBS help on Bank various interest charges to the company Current account

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As i was going through all the doc. as avilable in communcaity couldnt able to find the relevant ,hence posting this qury .

if the bank  is providing the intrest on fund is avilable in the company account  or any other interset to the company accounts how this interest will get mapped in sap EBS ?
is this will map in DMEE structure mapping ? if yes how the system will know that interest should post to the  relevant GL account.

and what is the significance or how the system know that interest on debenture or on fund interst will get posted when the EBS file

uploaded into the SAP system using the FF_5 TC ?

say if we use the MT940 format file from the bank ...

apppreciate your response .....

Thanks ,


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Hi Yateesh,

Can you please reassign this thread to finance as it's not a controlling issue considering you say that the interest is not posting to the correct GL account? It also should include transaction codes and highlighted details where the issue is? The use of screenshots will be great help.