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Earliest personal retroactive accounting date

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Hi Expert,

can anybody explain whats the difference between "Earliest personal retroactive accounting date" and Earliest retroactive accounting period. is this are same.

in what are the criteria we can use this Earliest personal retroactive accounting date, can somebody brief me an example.

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The ERA is set at a payroll area level in the control record. That means for the entire PA data cannot be entered before this date. In most cases this is the Go Live date as you dont want historical master data changes. This is usually decided by the client.

The EPRA is set at an employee level. That means for this employee, you cannot make master data changes before this date. This is set by the client/end user/consultant for various reasons.

The system compares the ERA, EPRA and the EE hiring date and uses the latest date as the retroactive limit.

Hope this is clear.


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Early reatroactive accounting date possibly last payroll date

Earliest reatroactive accounting date will be the joining date

Scenario of use for earliest retroactive account date:

If an employee left/retired in the organization in 2011 December in Govt or Public limited company.

Govt announced DA in 2012 January W.E.F 20011 January.

In this situation by using retroactive accounting dates in payroll you can pay the DA for the period which he was not received.

Reward suitably, if problem solved

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Earliest personal retroactive accounting date is master and time data changes are allowed as well as the date up to which the system carries out retroactive accounting for employee.

Earliest retroactive accounting period: If changes relevant for retroactive accounting have been made before this date, the system does not take these into account in either current or future retroactive accounting. i.e reference for in particular payroll period from which date onwards will consider for business process.

Example:: In case employee having different payroll areas then you can easily identify such as at the time of joining one payroll area and any created recent payroll area.