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E-Recruitment Errors - External Candidate Registration Process

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Dear Experts,

I am working on E-Recruitment (NWBC).

While External Candidate Registration Process, that time following errors showing on error log.  Please suggest how to resolve.

Error-1The error occurred in program CL_HRRCF_CANDIDATE============CM003 line 429
Error-2The error occurred in program CL_HRRCF_SIMPLE_MAIN_OBJECT===CM00A line 45
Error-3The error occurred in program CL_HRRCF_SIMPLE_MAIN_OBJECT===CM001 line 44
Error-4The error occurred in program CL_HRRCF_SIMPLE_MAIN_OBJECT===CM007 line 84
Error-5The error occurred in program CL_HRRCF_CANDIDATE_ADMIN_BL===CM00B line 79
Error-6Internal error in function module HRRCF_MDL_VERIF_STAT_RETRIEVE
Error-7The error occurred in program CL_HRRCF_CANDIDATE============CM003 line 361
Error-8The error occurred in program CL_HRRCF_CANDIDATE_ADMIN_BL===CM00A line 37
Error-9Internal error in function module HRRCF_MDL_CAND_PROFRL_RETRIEVE
Error-10The error occurred in program LHRRCF_MDL_CAND_PROFILEU27 line 33
Error-11Internal error in function module HRRCF_MDL_CAND_PROFRL_UPDATE
Error-12The error occurred in program CL_HRRCF_CANDIDATE_ADMIN_BL===CM00Z line 39
Error-13Internal error in function module HRRCF_MDL_CAND_PROF_ENQUEUE
Error-14The incorrect HR object has the key 01NA00000000
Error-15The error occurred in program CL_WDR_CONTEXT_NODE_VAL=======CM001 line 11
Error-16Customizing table T005T contains no corresponding entry for [E|AX]
Error-17The error occurred in program CL_HRRCF_T005_COUNTRY=========CM002 line 51
Error-18Customizing table T005T contains no corresponding entry for [E|ME]
Error-19Customizing table T005T contains no corresponding entry for [E|MF]
Error-20Customizing table T005T contains no corresponding entry for [E|RS]
Error-21Serious error; see log
Error-22Candidate 00000000 does not exist
Error-23No candidate could be found for

Thanks in advance.


Santosh Shivane

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Dear Sanotsh,

Such type of errors comes when data is incorrect in the system.
the system will check Central Person assoicated with the user on table HRP1001, and with the CP it will try to find the candidate  (NA object) in the same table.  If it logged error message, something wrong happened on this retrieval during the execution of method  CL_HRRCF_CANDIDATE=>GET. It is possbile to test this method on SE24 to see what went wrong.

Also please maintain the table entries for T005T as mentioned.

Best Regards,

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Hello DeepakKumar,

Thanks for your reply...

Please see the Table : T005T entry for Vietnam Country.  Please give your mail id

MANDTSPRASLAND1LANDX          NATIO          LANDX50                                        NATIO50                             PRQ_SPREGT
400쁩    VI   Amer.Virgin làNgười Mỹ     Đảo American Virgin                           Người Mỹ                                   
400E    VI   Amer.Virgin Is.American       American Virgin Islands                        American                                     
400D    VI   Amer.Jungferni.amerikanisch   Amerikanische Jungferninseln                   amerikanisch                                 

Still facing the same issue.  Can you suggest the process.

Best Regards,

Santosh Shivane