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Dynamic modification rule

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I am appplying the material for skip lot procedure. The skip lot process is allowing for 5 lots,If it's ok from the quality wise.the material moving to inspection stage wise, If it's n't not ok from the quality side.But i am facing the another kind of issue on now.The mateial will move to skip lot , If i am not providing any UD for upcoming 6 Lots.How it will be controlled.Kindly provide a solution to resolve this issues.

Thanks & Regards,

Sivakumar Subramaniyan.

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Answers (2)

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When using dynamic modification within inspection you need to ensure that the inspection process is efficient and does not have a large backlog of inspection lots.

If this is the case and you have the Quality Level set to change after the Usage Decision then you could end up with many inspection lots with the same stage. This is because you are goods receipting more than you are inspecting. If you are wanting the quality level to update for each inspection lot then you need to set the DMR to change at lot creation.

This process assumes an acceptance and moves the Quality Level forward so that the next goods receipt could be different. However you may end up with a reject and you would need to agree within the business how you treat any outstanding lots. You can read more about this here:

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Dear Sivakumar Subramaniyan,

thank you for the details provided.

I recommend to check following KBAs in the topic:

1736417 - Quality level is remaining in stage 'SKIP' using lot-based dynamic modification and quality level update after usage decision

1847002 - Quality level does not change as expected according to Maximum skip duration of DMR when creating inspection lot automatically or using transaction QA01

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