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Dynamic Action Sub-routine Generate unique ID for Sub-type ZAIM in IT0105

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I would like to use the dynamic action table upon the creation of (e.g. hire or rehire) actions to generate a custom sub-type ZAIM in IT0105 in the foreground. However, I would like for the ABAPer to create a sub-routine to have his logic create a auto-generated ID  which is unique for each employee. Is that possible? I would assume yes based on experience but I'm not an ABAPer.

The client site where I work there employees have more than 1 SAP ID. Currently they were using IT0032 (legacy ID) and sending that to the 3rd party vendor. Their logic is when an employee doesn't have the IT0032 it would use the IT0709 (Master ID - Original SAP ID). However, their defined process has a flaw in the system therefore due to timing / user error both the employee's IT0032 and IT0709 is being sent to the 3rd party vendor which is creating duplicates.

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To answer your question, yes it is possible through an ABAP routine. Assuming that you can provide the logic for the auto-generation of the ID, of course.