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Dynamic Action after change of lock indicator

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I have the following case and would like to know what I need can be done.

I've define a dynamic action with function code 06 (i.e. Change and Create) for an infotype, say 0009, such that when user create or change a record in infotype 0009, user will be prompted to maintain another infotype that is related.

It seems to work fine in normal situations, however, my problem is that if there is a locked record in infotype 0009 and I choose to unlock it from the overview screen, the dynamic action doesn't triggered.

If I following the normal flow, i.e. choose the locked record, click the Edit button and then save. Then the dynamic action can be triggered.

Apart form changing the function code in the dynamic action to 00, what should I do the have the dynamic action triggered when I choose to unlock the record directly from the overview screen?



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