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DUV for movement type 711

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I`m struggling to use CKMDUVMAT for movement type 711 and 712.  When I try to distrbute the PID with 711 to production order, the distribution ends up with error below.

No material documents were found for material of inventory document 0100000072/001

Message no. CKMLDUVN200

No idea why the system

At the moment, the physical inventory differences with movement type 701/ 702 can be distributed to production order successfully. But now we need to activate also for 711 and 712 addittionally.

Here is all the configurations that I`ve done so far regarding DUV ;

- SAP Note 645739

     I followed all the instructions in SAP Note 645739.

     Maintainance the table V_158_ALL , TDUVN156 T

     The setting for new movment types Z11,Z12,Z61 and Z62.

- Assign Movement Type Groups of Material Ledger

     I put movement type group `CC` which is defigned as 1 GL accout & CO Revaluation for mov. typ  701, 702, 711 and 712.

- BADi

     I created BAdi to ignore the combination of storage location and batch number to allocate PI difference to any production order of the material.


     There is a GI for Order (mov typ. 261) data for this material in this period.


The only difference between 701/702 is the display category in ckm3.

PI with 711 is desplayed under Consumption - Cost Center - Account xxxxxxx cost center xxxxx in CKM3, but instead PI with 701 or 702 is always shown under Consumption - Consumption - Account xxxxxxx cost center xxxxx.

I`m a wondering if this would be the reason...but I`m not sure if it is possible to change the display category.

Could you please give me any suggestion if you know something about this problem?

Kindest Regards,


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I used DUV some 5 yrs back, but without ML..

The config that you would need is to maintain the movement types 711 in DUV related IMG nodes and also assign the reposting movement types (Like Z61).. This you have already done it seems

I would suggest run through the IMG nodes once and see if all the nodes you have covered. It has to work for any movement type, provided they are maintained in DUV config

br, Ajay M