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Duplicate invoice

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Hi ,

i have an issue where an invoice is getting posted to times

first invoice was in 2005 for say $100, ref 1234, vendor xyz, PO 123456

second invoice was in 2007 same $100, ref 1234, vendor xyz, PO 123456

I have a check the vendor master for the duplicate invoice and also in the MM side.

Only thing i feel this is happening is b'cos the first invoice is archived. Please share your thoughts


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Answers (3)

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Hi Siva/murali,

Thanks for your replies. appreciated


i know how the system checks that in FI side and in MM side


I have tried the same senario in a test system and it did not pop up with a warning or error.

Any thoughts


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What is the configuration setting - error message or a warning message if the same invoice number is entered?

If it is a warning message probably, Users could have ignored the message.Probably, archiving of document could also be a reason for posting a document with the same reference number.



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in FI following fields must be identical for error duplicate invoice msg to occur:

Company code (BUKRS)

Vendor number (LIFNR)

Currency (WAERS)

Reference number (XBLNR)

Amount in document currency (WRBTR)

Document date (BLDAT)

Where as Transaction OMRDC, is an MM customsing transaction this will not apply to FI