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DTW - Unable to upload all products in Item Master

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We are trying to upload items in SAP B1 through DTW, few items are giving the following errors:

CServiceData::SetPropertyValueString failed; Value too long in property 'SerialNum' of 'Item'65171

Invalid item name '24' in Enum 'BoYesNoEnum'. The valid names are: 'tNO'-'N', 'tYES'-'Y'65171

We have checked with the DTW template file, we haven't added anything in "SerialNum" field nor in any of the other similar "Serial" Based column in the template excel file.

If we removed the entire "SerialNum" column, we get error for some other columns next to it. Removing the columns keeps on repeating the same pattern.

Even tested by removing & hiding all the columns from the excel which has no details, than it shows error in active fields with values.

Kindly guide us with the appropriate solution.

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Your file probably contains item names, and possibly other text (description) fields. Most likely one of these text fields contains a character that the DTW considers a delimiter. Usually single quotes (for foot) and/or double quotes (for inch) are the culprits.

Please do the following:

  1. Open your file in MS Excel.
  2. Select the ItemName column, and open the Replace (Find and Replace) window.
  3. In the Find what: field type in " (double quote)
  4. In the Replace with: field type in ´´ (two accents)
  5. Click the Replace All button.
  6. In the Find what: field type in ' (single quote)
  7. In the Replace with: field type in ´ (one accent)
  8. Click the Replace All button.
  9. If you have other text columns, for example the ItemCode column, do steps 2 - 8 for all these columns.
  10. Save the file as Text (Tab delimited), this is important.
  11. Close the file, and test it in the DTW.
  12. If you still get the error (or similar), there may be TAB characters in one of your columns. Removing these is more difficult. You will need to copy the data into MS Word, replace the TAB characters there (MS Word may do this automatically), and then copy-paste the data back to MS Excel.