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DTW in B1 9.3 - BOM upload - ITT2 field

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Hello, i am trying to upload BOM to B1 9.3 using DTW. But i could not find any helpful definition about the following columns in ITT2 table (Stages) in DTW help or online help. Could anyone give me some guide for using ITT2 in BOM DTW?

- LineNum

- StageID

- SequenceNumber

- StageEntry

I uploaded item master data and also input Route stage table (ORST) in Production Setup.

I think those fields in ITT2 are related the data in ORST. but i cannot relate the fields in ITT2 to ORST field.

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You can refer this topic for the same.

Hope this helps,

Son Tran

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Sorry ankit.chauhan1 , but ITT2.StageID must be used to identify the specific routing stage from table ORST applied to the BOM rows.

ITT2.StageID should be used to define wich row of ITT1 belongs to the specific routing stage defined in ITT2.

I tryed also to use ITT2.SeqNum but it's not working.

How can I link the BOM line from of ITT1 to the routing stages I defined in ITT2?

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Hello Rocco Moreabito

I tested BOM Upload several times by trial and error with the hint from Ankt Chauhan, and found that the StageID in ITT1 table corresponds to StageEntry in ITT2. So, you can skip StageID in ITT2. I still don't know the role of SequenceNo in ITT2, because we have LineNum too. so just used integer with the increasing order in each ParentKey. It worked to upload the BOM.

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi seyang,

I checked in SAP Business One version 10.0 and found the following:

ITT2.StageID is not exposed in DI API. Therefore, cannot be imported via DTW as well. It is a Read-Only property.

Use StageEntry column which can be used to identify the stage.

Hope it helps!

Kind regards,


SAP Business One Support