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Down payment process on basis of document conditions

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I am trying to setup the down payment process that uses document conditions (available since EH2) and I'm struggling with it. I can't get any values to show in condition type AZWB. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this process and can suggest what I might be doing wrong. I found a link to a SAP best practice guide and setup the condition types and pricing procedure per the guide


I entered a value for condition AZWA in the sales order (tried both a header value and a line item value). I then made a down payment for that amount using t-code (F-29). In F-29 I entered the special G/L indicator = A and I referenced the sales order (tried with and without a line item). When I tried to create the invoice for this item I was expecting AZWB to be populated, but instead it has zero in it. I tried working through the debugger for calc routine 49, but got lost halfway through it. However, it did look like it found a value in BSEG for the down payment amount at some point. Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong or what else I can look at to help analyze what's going on.


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We are also in process to implement condition-based down paymnet but when we try to enter a down payment with F-29 and referenced the sales order number, the system gave error message u201CMessage no. V1125 - Enter the item numberu201D so we were forced to enter the payment at the line item level.

How did you able to do F-29 at the header level ?

Is there special config we are missing ?



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Heck. Will this show up somewhere?


Hello and good day rback59.

I encountered the same problem with condition azwb as you did, but apparently am not as good in finding the solution.

Could you kindly quote what needs to be done to have azwb billing the down payment amount in the invoice document?

Thank you, and have a good time


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