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Double freight condition appear in PO item

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Hi experts,

User maintain same condition at MEK3 and also contract.

During PO creation,system will default both .

I thought is suppose to take only from contract which have the 1st priority?

Kindly advice which configuration cause this.

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SAP behaviour is standard in your case but I feel your process logic is different.

Contract conditions and info record conditions are time dependent conditions and the priority works only if you have both contract and info record condition so system picks the contract condition. But it doesnt check MEK3 values as it works differently. MEK3 is time independent condition and which has a seperate access sequence assigned in the pricing procedure not like info record or contract. Hence you need to have either contract condition or MEK1 condition. You may use MEK3 condition when those conditions are not maintained in contract.

or If you feel the requirement is genuine, you may work with the routine as discussed above.

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Dear Sappie Loo,

Go to M/06 and check the settings of your condition type for freight. If you are going to transfer from Contract always, so  in the field "Manual entries" at tab Changes which can be made, put B-Automatic entry has priority, if the condition exists then no manual entry will be possible.

Another ways is to use a pricing routine in the M/08 config using a abap code to prevent that for all documents.

Other way is use the "Exclusion" in the pricing schema also to avoid duplicated conditions, for instance with the pricing routine 6 in the condition you want to avoid the duplication in the M/08, then set X in the condition on M/06.

You can also use the EVO parameter and assign that to the user master data, and inside the EVO parameter, set the field Do not copy in the tab Copying of conditions from last purchase order in the IMG (Path: SPRO > Materials management > Purchasing > Environment Data > Define Default value for Buyers > Settings for Default Value).

Check also if the routine 15 in our pricing schema helps you.

Have a look at OSS Note 425736 - Delivery costs, interval scales, duplicate conditions, check also

109273 - Calculation schema RM0000 not delivered correctly.


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probably you have to do it thru abap route by writing a routine and including in the pricing procedure.

you may check with your abapper; KOMV is the comm structure you may have to use