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Dot matrix printer support for SBO 6.5

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Hi to all.

I have a problem with a dot matrix printer when I print some multi-line text. When I print the carriage return an undesirable double interline is printed. The font that I use is "courier 17cp" in WinXP. I opened an OSS ticket for this problem but SAP response is been that this printers will supported with the next SBO version. Have someone used a dot matrix printer in a SBO 6.5 add-on?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Nicola,

we have a customer using a matrix printer. For some reason, printing on matrix printers from a Windows system is a real challenge (unless one decides to use simple control characters).

The ExtendedEdit itself does not support a carriage return or carriage return chr(13) & line feed chr(10).

In order to store these special characters in the database, SAP replaces it with the unicode character 255 (ÿ, or ÿ in html ). Don't ask me why. Anyway, the database will return the following string:


My guess it that this might cause your printing problem. Try replacing the ÿ character into what it should be chr(13)&chr(10).

The best printer driver to use is "Epson Compatible 24pin". It is supported by most matrix printers and solves a lot of problems.

By the way, we have abandoned the SAP Business One Reporting engine for our specific solution and made an AddOn to print package labels with a matrix printer.

HTH Lutz Morrien

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Hi guys,

I just want to add a new input. I replace all the ÿ character with chr(13) and chr(10) in the ExtendedEdit control before inserting/updating it via DI.