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Dear gurues,

I am trying to help a colleague of mine, by posting this thread with two questions:

Publish a DMS file into Sharepoint

1. We see the document exists as PDF in DMS which we can open fine when we execute the functional module via front end. For the same document when we run via backend, we get the byte array successfully. But when we try uploading this byte array in Sharepoint site and renaming it with .PDF extension we are not able to open the file. Itu2019s either corrupted or not a valid PDF document. Do we need to do any manipulation on the byte array after we receive it from DMS?

Document class related to the Knowledge Provider (KPRO).

2. Second issue on the input parameters that we pass for the SDOK_PHIO_LOAD_CONTENT functional module. It expects Class as one of the i/p parameters. We are currently hardcoding it to u201CDMS_PCD1u201D. Can you please let us know if this is correct? What significance does this parameter has? Will the value be different for different documents?

Your input will be definitely valuable for us


Karina / Srikkanth

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Regarding your 2nd question.

Document class represents set of related objects like logical,physical documents and relationships.

DMS_PCD1 - used as physical objects for main originals.Normally we use DMS_PCD1 as document class.

It is also used while defining index from skpr07 transaction.