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DMEE Tree Aggregation for Control Sum

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Hello Friends,

We have setup a DMEE tree for outgoing payments. For any amounts on the file, the bank requires that any decimal places are rounded eg 33450.66 should show as 33450.00.

We have therefore applied a conversion role on each InstdAmt node to round the values. This works fine at node level. However the Control Sum CtrlSum at header level does not round the decimals there. This node uses Aggregation of the IA (InstdAmt) nodes. However, it seems to keep the decimals at this level so that the CtrlSum is not a true aggregate of the individual InstdAmt amounts eg if there are 3 payments on the file with individual InstdAmt amounts (3345.45, 657.67, 745.23) these are stated at InstdAmt as 3345.00, 657.00, 745.00 but the CtrlSum is showing as 4048.35 but should show as 4048.00.

Is there any way to set the DMEE tree so that the CtrlSum will show the correct aggregate value of the rounder individual amounts?

Thanks for any ideas.

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